Prof. Juan Antonio Cardador




1. Make an information brochure of  Pallejà in which buildings and most characteristic areas of the township  appear (with a text explaining them).

2. Imagine you are an important leader in Pallejà and that you want to promote your village as a model of "smart city" in order to make tourists come here on holidays and multinational companies to invest in Pallejà… Write a speech to be read in an international organization promoting Pallejà and the advantages of coming to visit the village.


Goals for Pallejà, the new smart city and a tourist destination

-As an important leader in Pallejà, I want to promote our village as a model of smart city, some reasons to promote this plan are that, we should make of a Pallejà a tourist village because we would do a great profit from tourits that come here on holidays and spend here their money. 

-Pallejà economy will increase and it would help upgrade our village and make from Pallejà a better place.

-To reach this goals Pallejà has to improve and promoting it as a model of smart city would be a good improvement and would catch the attention of future tourists.

-The advantatges of coming to visit the village, as a smart city, is that as you know is a village and it's a perfect place to stay and have a relaxing holidays, visiting the most important and characteristic buildings that were showed in the information brochure, and spending a great time here. 

-The main problem is that Pallejà is not a touristic village because of the unknowledge about this place. People don't know about Pallejà so, how is it going to be a tourist village, then?

-Our main objective is making of Pallejà a smart city, so people would start knowing about or village.

Let's upgrade Pallejà! 

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